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The Plan ~ Kerri S Wilson

May 15, 2018


Plans don't always turn out like we plan. Some end up better than expected while others end up worse than expected.

Sometimes the plan takes longer to come to fruition, and we realize while waiting that we weren't ready for the plan we planned. Other times the plan changes, and we live out something completely different. Or we may actually end up with the plan we planned. But we’ll never know what will happen until we make the plan. And we have to plan because nothing will ever happen if we never try.

When the plan pans out... that’s exhilarating! It’s disappointing when it fails. But at least the plan was tried. We can plan again if necessary.

Plans fail; plans succeed. Either way, it’s the journey that teaches us about ourselves. Who we become in the process is more important than the plan. 

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