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Storm Watcher ~ Kerri S Wilson

May 11, 2018


Even when I'm tired, storms tend to keep me awake at night. Storms don’t scare me, but they do make me feel uneasy.

Both negative storm experiences and the unexpected elements of storms contribute to my alertness. Loud thunder and lightning make me edgy, too.

My reaction to storms always reminds me of my tendency towards self preservation. I usually find myself asking during these anxious moments, “What can I do about the storm?”  I acknowledge how wakefulness gives me little advantage beyond my ability to move and hide if necessary but also understand how hiding is limited in its protection when storms turn severe.

God has more power than a storm. He created the universe and the ability for weather to turn into stormy conditions. He caused it to rain the first time with Noah, and He told a storm to be still while with His disciples. A storm can do only what God allows.

I’ve discovered the best thing I can do to help myself while in the midst of a storm—any storm (natural, physical, emotional, or spiritual)—is trust that He is in control.  

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