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Do You See It, Now?

September 29, 2017

Kerri S Wilson



Do you see the heart?


Many don't seem to notice it, but it's there. I’ve noticed it—most likely because I tend to look at the ground when I walk. I finally stopped to take a picture of it. 


Debris has managed to find a way inside, and its shape is a bit jagged around the edges. It's an unattractive heart. It doesn't stand out as something worthy of one’s attention except that it's there embedded within the concrete—a strange place for a heart. 


The debris and jagged edges are from the heat and crushing it has endured. I think about the heart, its location, and its condition every time I see it, which is almost every day. I think about what caused it to be where it is. I wonder how long it took for it to form into its current state. I think about how it is still recognizable and in-tact. And I wonder why it hasn't formed into a different shape. The rain, the heat, the pressure from being walked on... none of these have conquered it. It remains solid and sure.


Do you see it, now?

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