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Little Things

August 1, 2016


My mom recently shared the following story with me.


My trees have been infested with whiteflies. I've read everything there is to read to get rid of them because, if left alone, they will eventually kill a tree. So I tried spraying them with several different products, which gets expensive, but it was to no avail. Then I followed the advice of one article I read and sprayed with bursts of water, which is supposed to disrupt their eating routine, but that also was to no avail. Several weeks passed with me trying to get rid of the whiteflies and save my trees, but nothing I tried worked.


My mom was a woman of faith. She prayed for everything—her garden, her pets, her refrigerator handle when it was broken, etc. And God always answered her prayers.


My memory of my mother's faith and her answered prayers prompted me to pray for my trees. I prayed a simple prayer and asked God to take care of the whiteflies. And He answered. That afternoon after I prayed, I looked out the window and was amazed because what I saw was unbelievable. The trees were full of birds that were chasing and eating the whiteflies. When I sprayed with water again the next day and each day after there weren't as many flies. Then when I sprayed with water four days later hardly any whiteflies swarmed out of the trees. And the birds are still coming to the trees.


God is amazing!


My mom’s story doesn’t surprise me at all. As a matter of fact, stories like the one I’ve shared above seem to be a generational occurrence in my family. In one of my previous blogs I shared how God caused my grandmother’s bridle wreath bushes to bloom over night to remind her of His love for her, and how He caused her cucumbers to grow over night to remind her of how, in spite of her age, He wasn’t finished using her in children’s ministry. (See my “Flowers and Cucumbers” blog.) In another blog I shared my own experience with how God used a two-toned rose to remind me that I am never neglected or alone. (See my “Thanks, God” blog.)


God once used what seemed worthless and insignificant to sustain a prophet. In the middle of a famine, God sent Elijah to a brook where He sent ravens to feed him. And after the brook dried up, God then sent him to Zarephath to be fed by a widow who was going to eat her last cake and die. (See I Kings 17.)


My mom is right—God really is amazing! God is vast. He is beyond what we can comprehend. Yet He uses little things to reach out to us, to show us how much He thinks about us, to show us that we are significant to Him.


Maybe you’re feeling discouraged for whatever reason today. God cares about you as much as He does anyone else. If you don’t believe me, just tell Him about what troubles you. I believe He’ll talk back. And He’ll probably use little things to get your attention and prove Himself attentive to your life.







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