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I Really Can't Complain!

July 15, 2016

I can see Him standing way back there from the moment I am in here. And though there is quite a distance between now and then, I can see Him clearly.

How strange it is that I couldn't see Him as clearly then from there as I do now from here. But, even so, I look back now with my mind's eye, and I see Him standing close and reaching out to me.

Some of those moments from so long ago were not very good ones, and His presence did not seem obvious in the midst of them. But, still, He was there all of the time, constant and persistent. And He never once moved away from me.

I guess seeing Him there so clearly now could cause me to ask Him, "Why?" But that's not what I say. As I watch him from here stand next to me then I can't help but say, "Thank You, Jesus! You've been so good to me!" I have no complaints. It's true! I really can't complain!





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