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  • Kerri S Wilson

What Should 'Sarah' Say?

God called Abraham to leave his family, culture, and livelihood to go where He would lead.

I’m not sure when Sarah came into the picture — if she was already there when God called Abraham or if she joined him later. Regardless, Sarah hitched herself to Abraham’s God-called purpose and submitted to a God-focused lifestyle. Sarah gave herself to the mercy of Abraham’s ability and willingness to hear and obey God.

As we read their journey we see their fallibility and mistakes. Abraham lied about who Sarah was and put her in harms way. Sarah laughed in unbelief at God’s promise of a son. Sarah convinced Abraham to take matters into his own hands and have a son with Hagar. Abraham listened and did what Sarah suggested. Sarah became jealous of Hagar and Ishmael and demanded they be cast out. Abraham listened and did what Sarah suggested.

Finally, after years of walking, waiting, and making mistakes, the promise was born. Then God said kill it. At this point, we see his quiet resolve as Abraham prepares to do what God commanded — the same response as when he walked away from everything into the unknown. Then God provided instead of taking. And, at both times, Sarah was silent.

Abraham started this story knowing and listening to God’s voice. And, he ended this story knowing and listening to God’s voice. And Sarah followed.

There is so much to point out from this example of faith walk, but for today’s purpose, my focus is on my relatability to Sarah.

I hitched myself to Eugene before I even knew what the journey would require from me. God called me to ministry when I was 7, so I spent my life knowing I would marry a minister. And when I met Eugene, I knew he was the one with whom I would walk.

While Eugene and I have not made the same mistakes as Abraham and Sarah, the walk hasn’t been easy and the waiting has been difficult. We’ve not been perfect. And I’ve complained.

But hearing God’s voice has been the most important thing to us. When we’ve felt weary, disappointed, frustrated, anxious... we’ve always turned our spirits back to discovering what God was saying. At every crossroad, we’ve sought His guidance on which next step. When His voice didn’t sound clear, we’ve withdrawn from the noise to be better hearers.

As Eugene’s wife, I’ve asked God to help me to not lead Eugene astray with a negative voice of influence. I’ve asked God to help me trust Eugene’s ability to know right and lead uprightly. And even when my spirit fought against it, I’ve submitted to Eugene’s leadership — not because I am less than him but because it’s what I agreed to do and was called to do as part of God’s promise for us.

So, here we are. And here I am, choosing, again, to follow and embrace what is bigger than me. Being all in is my act of worship to God.

God has been good to me, and I am thankful. I have set my face like a flint. God does not lie. It is He who opens the doors that no man can shut. He fulfills His purpose and keeps His promises. And He provides for His plan to be accomplished.

This journey has been worth every step I have taken. I’m thankful to be walking it with a man like my husband.

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