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Freedom Journey ~ Kerri S Wilson

I’ve had a lot of “best days” in my life. The one that trumps all of them is the day I was filled with the Spirit of God - what Pentecostals call the Holy Ghost and others call the Holy Spirit. I was 7 when it happened, and the timing could not have been more perfect. This most important God encounter happened before my very first “worst day” and the years of “worst days” that followed. God kept me through a dark journey. Another “best day” happened when I was 35 years old. It was the day I sat across the desk from my counselor, and he told me the truth about my story. Freedom from the lies I had unknowingly believed about myself came to me in a matter of seconds as he spoke words of healing. It took 28 years for me to find the clarity I needed to break free even though I had been living all of them in a growing relationship with God. I stagger at the thought of what if no one had been prepared and available to give wise counsel. But he was prepared, and he was available, and he was God sent. My testimony is what it is because someone was willing to invest in my life change and teach me what I needed to learn. God used a counselor to change my life. The truth really does make you free. But the making of freedom involves a journey. I am thankful counseling opened the door to my freedom journey.  

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