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God is Good Like That ~ Kerri S Wilson

I’m been thinking about the story of Mephibosheth, who was invited by David to sit at the table. Two points about the invitation stand out to me as significant with regards to value and intrusion. David’s invitation removed any reason for Mephibosheth to feel like an intruder. David’s invitation validated Mephibosheth’s value. Invitation is powerful. David’s invitation didn’t have contingencies because David’s motive was purely relationship based. I tend to feel like a wall flower in the company of most people - valueless and intrusive. But I have found my experience to be very different in the company of God. This testifies to a significant perspective change for me - so different from when I saw God as my punisher (faulty thinking rooted in past experiences). Counseling facilitated my change in perspective. It healed and established my relationship with God. And my opportunity for counseling was God-given. My financial situation prevented me, but God moved me so that I could receive the help I needed. It was a powerful, life changing invitation to the table - a simple yet so significant provision - an intentional invitation motivated by a desire for pure relationship. God is good like that! 

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