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Home Making ~ Kerri S Wilson

My dream home is an opened-concept lake house with 4 bedrooms/4 bathrooms (master bath: seperate shower/tub w/closed in toilet and walk-in closet), entertainment room, laundry room, sun room, hardwood/tile flooring throughout, gas stove/quartz counter tops, private swimming pool/yard, with a wraparound porch and nestled in the woods. I've lived in a lot of houses but never this house. But even though my house has never been exactly and completly like my dream home, God has always provided me with a comfortable place to live. Even when we lived in the church Sunday School rooms of the church we pastored, we had enough. Eugene told me, once, how much he appreciates how I've always been able to make our house a home no matter how little we had. I've come to realize how doing so has been a priority for me because of my value for a safe sanctuary. I've engaged in and have listened to multiple conversations, lately, about home redecorating. It's a popular topic, and some are even becoming rich and famous because of their home remodeling and decorating finesse. Home decorating is a cultural rage. My dream home was on my mind, this morning, so I spent some time browsing homes through an app I have on my phone. I was dreaming in a non-covetous way from a "what if" perspective while still feeling content with my current blessings. After moving on into my day, I suddenly found myself singing this old song we used to sing in church when I was a kid. I've got a mansion Just over the hill side In that bright land where we'll never grow old And someday yonder We'll never more wander But walk on streets as pure as gold I'm thankful I can feel His presence in my home, here today. But there are many distractions that limit His presence. One day, my home will be complete and perfect, but my wish list won't matter anymore. I'm not sure what Heaven will be like, but I doubt my dream home will be there. Heaven won't be anything like here. My "mansion" most likely won't be made of brick and morter, and I'm sure there will be no swimming pool. But the place He has prepared is filled with Him, and it will be the safest place I've ever lived. He will be who makes it home.  

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