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Doing the Difference Justice ~ Kerri S Wilson

I’ve discovered in my quest to make a difference, there are some situations that confront me when I don’t know how to do it. Yet, I’m the one being called on. Even though the one standing in front of me may lack understanding, my lack of discernment could actually be what causes the door of opportunity to shut. I am accountable to that. Walking in step with the Spirit is as much about the lives of others as it is about my own life. While I stand firm in the convictions God has given me, I must also give room for people from all walks of life to find a place to see Jesus. Everything about me must be diminished while the light of Christ penetrates. This doesn’t mean I walk backwards. But, rather, it means the fruit of the Spirit must be present in my life and play a significant role—fruit like long suffering, kindness, and meekness. And my knowing when to speak up or when to stay silent is key. Throwing truth around will not facilitate the process of people being changed into His image. Only God can reveal truth to those who can’t see it, and only God can change people. And that change is a journey that includes a lot of heartache, learning experiences, and overcoming the consequences of mistakes. As I walk this journey of change for myself, I ask God for His wisdom, help, and strength to do His calling justice 

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