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I’ve Been Thinking ~ Kerri S Wilson

This is what I think. I believe in moral absolutes. I also realize I have not perfected morality in my life.

No, I don’t lie, steal, kill, nor engage in sexual sins. 

But, I do make mistakes. I fail to forgive. I talk about people. I act on my anger. I hold grudges. I justify myself. I forget to pray. I forget to read my Bible. I fail to witness. These are sins, as well. According to the Apostle Paul, to him who knows what to do but doesn’t do it, that is sin. I know what I should do about all of these failures I’ve listed. So it is sinful when I don’t do what I know to do. 

Though I’m not sure I’m correct, I don’t think there are levels to sin. I have never believed one can get by with just a little bit of sin while others go to hell over big sins. But I’m not the judge of what is “little sin” or “big sin”. And I don’t decide how God judges. As a matter of fact, I hope there are people in Heaven I didn’t expect to see. That might be how it will be. Maybe I’ll be the unexpected one.  The best I can do is ask God to help me be an overcomer of whatever I end up facing—big sin or small sin. Part of overcoming is knowing how to apply His word to my life. So, part of my best is asking Him to help me understand and do what He instructs. Here’s the thing. 

We tend to be harsh towards others who sin yet want mercy when we sin. Where does compassion fit in? Jesus was anti-sin, but He had compassion.

I believe compassion is as morally important as not sinning.

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