• Kerri Wilson

Guard Your Heart but Live Unguarded ~ Kerri S Wilson

Hurt people hurt people because of our drive to preserve self. We live and learn then feel justified with our actions that are intended for self-protection. I’ve discovered one of the most difficult challenges of human nature is living unscathed by hurt from others. The truth is, we can’t live unscathed, which is why we struggle. We strive for an untouched life when that is impossible for people who are living life. So, life happens and hurt people hurt people. They hurt us and we hurt them. But God gives grace to the humble! It’s easy to call out and negatively judge others when they hurt us. But we tend to find easy excuse and be unwilling to acknowledge and take ownership when we are the one being hurtful. True humility acknowledges our own wrongful behaviors and embraces the journey of change. In this God gives grace to overcome both others and self. He helps us rise above becoming hurtful people out of the hurt we have received. He teaches us how to be better. We may not be able to be untouched, but we can certainly be changed. We can be changed, not from our own power, but because He has the power to change us. We just have to be humble enough to let Him do it. 

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