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I Want to Be Better ~ Kerri S Wilson

I am offended, and I need to change. Recognizing there is a problem and identifying that problem is the first step to change. The second step is willingness to change. The third step is activating change. Chronic offense is running rampant in our world, today. It seems everyone is offended about everything. Unfortunately, I have found myself to be among the offended, and I am prompted to consider why. I am also compelled to change this about myself since I am an advocate for change in others. Offense happens for a variety of reasons: self-centeredness, pride, the hurtful behavior of others, lack of empathy, misunderstanding, prejudice, differences of opinion, etc... Upon reflection of my own offense, I have asked God for answers. Why am I offended and how do I stop being offended? How do I stop being self-centered and prideful? How do I ensure that I never engage in hurtful behavior towards others, never respond with lack of empathy, or never misunderstand another’s words or actions? How do I live without prejudice and live tolerant of others’ opinions that differ from mine? How do I change these weaknesses in myself? The truth is these are issues for me because I am human. So, how do I stop being human? I can’t stop being human—God created me to be human. But God also created me with the ability to become an overcomer. Therefore, I can learn to be a better human than I am, and I can be reconditioned away from engaging in offense. Implementing change is not easy. And, for change to stick, one must engage in challenging experiences that lead to success over time—practice makes perfect, as they say. So changing from being offended to not being so will be a difficult endeavor. The process will most likely require me to experience multiple opportunities for offense yet choose to not offend or take offense. I admit my concern about my success. This undertaking is not something I can make happen within my own power. I am too weak to be as strong as I need to be. But as I acknowledge my weakness, I am reminded of the scripture that says His strength is made perfect in my weakness. Therefore, in light of this truth about my access to God’s strength, I believe my success with overcoming offense is achievable. So, today, as I move forward with implementing this vital change in my life, I am asking God for His strength to be better than I am. I want to become who He has called me to be. And I want to stop being offended. 

I want to be better!

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