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A Momentary Reflection  ~ Kerri S Wilson

Upon reflection of how my life has unfolded thus far, I am thankful for God’s work in me. Back when I was transitioning into adulthood, there wasn’t as much pressure to have a set plan in place like there is now. At least, I didn’t feel the pressure like how my kids have experienced. So, I didn’t know where I was headed beyond my few small hopes. Yet, here I am, at 51 years of age, successfully living out purpose. I have a BA in Psychology and MA in teaching, I’m a full time Special Education teacher, I’m a mom to two young adults, and I’m the wife of and co-minister with a successful husband. Now, I’m going for my doctorate. I never planned any of these things for myself. I only hoped to marry a tall, black-haired, blue-eyed preacher who could play the piano and then, eventually, have two kids— a boy first then a girl. I’ve come a long way from that young girl. So, I’m amazed. God’s work is perfect even when we don’t have our own plans. I certainly can’t take the credit for who I have become thus far. I’ve not been perfect, by any means, but I’ve been productive and fruitful. And I’ve changed — most importantly, I’ve been willing to change and become, and it’s only because God has taught me how. My husband’s teaching through the years has instilled within me the value of joy in the journey. Life is not about fufilling a plan I’ve set for myself, but rather, it’s about me becoming who God has already created me to be. It’s about connecting with God’s idea of who He wants me to be. It’s about finding joy in the process of God’s changing work. Scripture reveals that God knew me before I was formed. He didn’t just know of my existence before and at my beginning. He knew me as I will be when my life has been fulfilled. God works in a profound way. As I look at my present and into my future, I realize I have more of a plan, now, than I did when I was younger. But I also know it’s not about my plan. It’s about what God will accomplish in my life — how God will mold me into His plan. And it is with less naivety that I embrace pliability.

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