• Kerri Wilson

Will I Still Have Faith? ~ Kerri S Wilson

I’ve been silently contemplating this question: Will I still have faith? I’ve had faith, before. Time and again, I’ve taken the risk, even though I had no guarantee of what the end result would look like. I stepped out of the boat full of expectation of a stable and productive future. I moved into the unknown with hope that God was fulfilling His purpose in my life. But it didn’t turn out like I thought it would. I didn’t land in the middle of the picture I had painted for myself. Yes, I still believe God is at work in my life. Yes, I still understand my future is stable in Him. But it turned out different than what I had in mind. That disappointed me. And disappointment has begged the question... Will I still have faith? I wonder... Can I step out again? Will I still believe it will be worth the risk? Will I still find hope in God’s purpose? Jesus told Peter that He had prayed for him that his faith fail not. God spoke that specific Word to me, too, at the beginning of a tumultuous portion of my journey. He knew where He was taking me, so He told me that He was praying for my faith to not fail. Today, as I reflect on my question, I believe I will still have faith when He asks me to take another chance. I believe I’ll step out and think it’ll be worth it. I believe I will have hope in His continued purpose in me. Yes, I will still have faith! He is preparing me for that faith.  

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