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A Perfect Storm ~ Kerri S Wilson

I was awakened in the middle of the night by a thunderous storm blowing through and was momentarily unsettled by the flash of lightening. But I soon fell back into a peaceful and restful sleep because I knew it would pass. The storm wouldn’t last forever. I awoke to a quiet sunny morning, and my patio beckoned me as I brewed my coffee. After my hectic week, I felt anxious to enter my sanctuary. After the tumultuous weather, I was thankful for the clear day awaiting me. The impact of the storm was evident in the glorious green of foliage, the brightness of blooms, and the cheerful sound of chirping birds. The air felt clean. The rain and lightening had done their work effectively. I sat and watched the birds partake of my provisions and basked in the beauty surrounding me. It was the moment I needed for meditation on God’s goodness and mercy. Life storms are unsettling — unexpected thunder and lightening crash into our world. Momentary panic can cause questions about what the storm will leave in its wake. But, in spite of the chaos, the peace of God is ever present. And storms never last forever; they always pass. When the storm is over, its evidence reveals the beauty of fruitfulness — a cleansing balm — a sanctuary of peace and healing that offers rest for the weary. And the rain and lightening prove effective as God’s work in us flows out. It’s a perfect storm in God’s perfect plan. 

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