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Held in the Flame ~ Kerri S Wilson

I recently saw these words from Malachi 3:3: “He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver...” I’ve read how silversmiths will hold a piece of silver in the flame for as long as it takes to see their own image. When they can see themselves, they know it’s time to remove the silver from the fire.

To be held in the flame by God until His image is clear is a difficult place to be. He’s not in a hurry, but He is watchful. He won’t see Himself until the impurities are burned away, so He’s looking closely for Himself because, when He sees Himself, He will know its time to remove me from the fire. Being brought face-to-face with how unlike Him I am is a painful journey. How can I ever look like Him in how I handle rejection, abuse, false accusation, slander, etc...? I’ll never reach His perfection. That is, I won’t reach it on my own. James 1:5 instructs, “If any man lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him,” (ESV). This verse follows instructions on how to handle the testing of our faith and begins the portion that tells us to ask in faith, believing, without wavering or doubting. The principle of asking God for wisdom that is taught in this verse seems to  be applicable to this subject about which I am writing. Here is how it applies.  I feel that flame of purification burning in my life, and I clearly see those areas where I am not reflecting His image. Seeing the lack in myself hurts me more than the hurt I have felt from people. Even so, I don’t know how to stop feeling the hurt from people. So, I have asked God for wisdom as is taught in James — to teach me how to overcome — to help me yield to His fire of purification. People will always be around me, thus I will never escape being exposed to hurtful behavior. Because of this fact, I have to learn to be better than I am so He can see Himself in me.  

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