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Messy Mending ~ Kerri S Wilson

“If you don’t heal from what hurt you, you’ll bleed on everyone who didn’t hurt you,” (author unknown). I’ve seen this quote a lot, lately, and I believe it’s a true statement. But consider the following perspective. Physically injured people bleed on those who are helping them. They can’t help it. But those who mend wounds don’t blame bleeders. Doctors, nurses, EMTs, firemen—they all understand getting bled on is part of their job. The same is true for emotionally injured people. Just like those who have been hurt physically, people who have been hurt emotionally can’t always heal themselves. They need help from others. And those willing to help will often feel the brunt of what hurt the one they’re helping. Though we should work hard, when we’ve been hurt, to not turn and hurt others, we tend to be weak when we are weak. So, when reaching out to help, we should be prepared to give grace. Mending wounds can get messy and being willing to help is risky. But the result of bearing hurt from another to help them heal creates opportunity for both the wounded and the mender to walk away better from the experience.

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