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A Tribute to the Gift ~ Kerri S Wilson

I’ve followed his lead as he has followed His lead. I trusted in his ability to hear His voice even before he had the chance to prove himself to be a listener and a hearer. I’ve followed because I believe God gives good gifts, thus, I believe the gift I’ve been given is a good one. As I trust the gift, I trust the Giver of the gift. I’ve not always been an eager follower. I haven’t always understood the big picture. I don’t like what I can’t see. Nevertheless, I have followed, in spite of my lack of understanding. My following has brought me to scary and painful sections of the journey — parts I didn’t expect nor seek. But I turned to the gift for guidance on how to work my way through and have kept trusting and following. And the good gift from God has kept listening, hearing, following, and leading — and holding my hand while showing me the way. I have my own desires from God — a calling — a purpose. But I’ve chosen to put the gift first — to follow his calling and purpose — to follow his lead. And the doors God has opened for the gift’s purpose have opened doors for my purpose, so our purpose has become fulfilled, together. I’m thankful for the gift I am following. I have followed as he has followed Christ. And God has changed my life through this good gift He has given.

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