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The Antidote ~ Kerri S Wilson

I didn’t see it coming... the moment when my safe place became my nightmare. Trust became elusive, once again. Disappointment and uncertainty rained down on me simultaneously. Questions relentlessly bombarded my mind. How could people turn so drastically and cut so deeply? Were the circumstances that befell me God’s will? I don’t know. But they were now mine to deal with, and it was definitely His will that I deal with them correctly. There I was, abruptly living in no man’s land not knowing what the future held for my family and me. Then God became my closest companion. He shifted my focus from human frailty to His strength. And He was perfect! He was comfort; He was certainty; He was stability. He became the antidote to the chaos I did not cause. And He took what was meant for evil against me and turned it around for my good.

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