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Lessons Learned From the Boot ~ Kerri S Wilson

I tore my calf muscle recently and have been required to wear this boot for two weeks. While at this point it has been a minor and short-lived inconvenience, there are two lessons wearing this boot has taught me. First, be patient and kind towards those who are struggling with impairment (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual). That person riding the scooter probably needs some extra time and space to make it through the grocery store (literally and metaphorically speaking). Make some room. Second, be patient with the impatient. Wearing a boot does not make me queen of the grocery store, and riding my scooter does not give me the right to hog the aisle (literally and metaphorically speaking). Make some room. While these lessons I’ve shared are obvious, learning from actual experience rather than head knowledge is more impactful. There is something that happens to a person who learns how to empathize from living. 

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