• Kerri Wilson

Ten Things I’ve Learned From Job ~ Kerri S Wilson

Here are ten things I’ve learned from reading the story of Job. If you are in a troublesome season, I encourage you to read Job’s story with a heart that is opened to learn. 1. When living through a trial, we are not always allowed to see the big picture or what is happening behind the scenes. 

2. God will sometimes allow, even encourage, Satan to buffer us.

3. Trials are not always because God is displeased with us or because we are unrighteous.

4. Trials are often intended to teach us something we cannot learn without the trial.

5. When going through a buffering season, friends are not always our most supportive source of encouragement, rather, they sometimes add to our trial.

6. Waiting in silence is sometimes our best approach to staying faithful and what often produces the most evidence of our trust in Him.

7. God created even that which we call evil.

8. God is the only One who is in control.

9. God will always have the last word.

10. Striving for humility of heart and the offering of forgiveness should always be the end goal.  

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