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What I’ve Learned About Depression From Depression ~ Kerri S Wilson

Depression is the result of a chemical imbalance from repeated stressors, hormonal changes, and/or nutritional deficiency. It can happen to anyone. It can happen to me. Maybe you’re wondering how to help someone who is suffering from depression. Though this list is not all inclusive, here are a few of my own insights.  Just as you would recommend a doctor visit for any other ailment, encourage counseling. It is necessary to identify the source to prescribe whatever medical attention is needed, and medical personnel are who should address the medical part of this need. Counseling is as much a calling from God as any other medical calling. Counseling is wise counsel from one who is qualified. Pray words of faith and offer words of faith from Scripture. Psalm 107:20 explains that God sent His word and healed them. You can use Scripture to speak healing. God heals very often through people helping people. 

Demonstrate what personal relationship with God looks like. They may not already know, or they may just need to be reminded. Share your testimony.

Give validation by demonstrating their value to you personally. Be a friend by living out genuine friendship. Don’t wait for them to be friendly first. Depression creates fear and embarrassment. It is difficult for someone who is battling depression to reach out. Make it easy.

Spend time with them because you want to be with them, not because you feel the need to fix or correct them. Healing takes time. Commit to being available. 

Give them reasons to be present in the moment instead of in the past or the future.

Don’t try to understand if you’ve never been where they are. You can’t understand unless you have. Just show that you care about them.

Be vulnerable with them. Share your own struggles. Even if it’s a different struggle, what is most personal is most universal. Depressed people tend to try to rely on themselves, but we all know that no man is an island. No one can survive alone. God created us to need each other. But sometimes some of us lose the ability and courage to reach out for help. God has called me to healing purpose. I don’t always know how to answer, but He is helping me learn how by allowing me to experience my own struggle. Maybe God is calling you, too. He is asking us to give life to those in need of life. If He is calling you, say yes. You’ll change someone’s world if you do.  

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