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Wonderful Life ~Kerri S Wilson

Happy Birthday to me! Today is my 50th birthday—I am now a half century old. I love saying that. I love my birthday, and I love telling everyone that it’s my birthday. I love gifts and attention when given, but I don’t expect it to be given from everyone. So I’m not seeking attention when I talk about my birthday. My birthday is just one of my favorite days. Life hasn’t always been easy, but it could’ve been a lot worse. I am blessed. My good days outweigh the ones I have deemed as “bad” ones. From my perspective, all of my days have been good because all of them were given to me by God. And the ones that didn’t feel so good when I was in the middle of living them have been turned by God to be used for my good. As of today, I have lived a half century’s worth of God’s goodness. That’s a lot of goodness! Just think: if I had never been conceived, I would have never experienced God’s goodness. My life is one of my most valuable gifts because, with it, I’ve been afforded the gift of my relationship with God. Today is my birthday, I’m another year older, and I’m very happy about it! Today represents my lifetime filled with the glory of God. It’s my day to celebrate my wonderful life. I’m so very thankful for today! Happy Birthday to me! 

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