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A Friend, Indeed!

Kerri S Wilson Discouragement is something we all experience from time to time. And when we find ourselves living in this less than perfect season people around us will tell us to hang in there and keep the faith. However, it is easier for the undiscouraged to say these words to others than it is for the discouraged to hear and do them. Even so, when I’m discouraged I do try to hang in there, and I do try to keep the faith. And I hope to do so gracefully even though I often don’t. I am currently living in a season of discouragement and find myself regularly fighting between keeping my spirit quiet in faith and letting my hidden tears flow. I feel out of place with others because admitting discouragement can make one seem too negative. Some Christians believe the Spirit filled should not express discouragement, so it can seem best to hide rather than reveal the struggle. But being discouraged does not make one a lesser child of God nor does it make one less full of His Spirit. Neither does it mean one is living disobedient to God’s purpose. Discouragement is simply a sign that someone has been impacted deeply by negative life circumstances, and they are in need of strengthening. I feel blessed and have a grateful heart. God has been good to me, and I thank Him every day for making me rich in His love, mercy, and grace. So discouragement disappoints me with myself. My life continuously changes for the better, so the good in my life should outweigh any reason for discouragement. Yet here I am, living in this season. Seasons come and go, so this, too, shall pass. When it does, I will have grown from my experience, and I will have developed empathy for others living this struggle. I am bearing fruit though it has not yet been revealed as useful. I have already learned that even when I’m discouraged God is still my friend. I am not out of place in His presence, rather, He continuously invites me to move in close to Him. He makes it clear He wants to spend time talking with me. He knows my heart best, and His eye is upon me. He is there to help me overcome. The same is true for you. If you are discouraged, you are not alone. Though I understand how you feel by my own experience, what is most important is God’s understanding. He is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. He is near to the broken hearted, and He came to heal your broken heart. He has sent His word to heal. Trust Him to fulfill that purpose in you.

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