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I Dared in the Darkness  Kerri S Wilson

I took a walk alone in the dark. It’s as if my eyes were closed. I ventured through my troublesome journey with my mind filled with fog. To not see what it seemed I needed to see became a heavy burden to bear. I was tentative and hesitant with heightened senses. The eery intangible nearness of every movement around me was cause for fight or flight instinct. I continually reached out into what felt like nothingness to try to keep my balance. I fought to stay steady. I refused to let myself stumble. I didn’t want to fall. I wanted to see. If only I could see! I wanted to take my steps with confidence. Then I stopped. I turned to look for Him. I listened and felt hoping to find Him. And He was there in the midst of the blackness—my familiar Friend—ever the One on whom I can place my reliance. I breathed in and sighed with relief. The ground beneath me remained out of focus. My vision continued to blur. I had no clue of what lay ahead. I had no plan for whatever met me around the next corner. But I dared to trust while still in the darkness. I dared to believe He holds tomorrow. I dared to let Him take hold of my hand.  

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