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  • Kerri S. Wilson

Scared to Peace

I've spent the past couple of days riding out hurricane Harvey, and it looks like we have a few more days with this guy hanging around. So far, I've been in a safe place, though we've had multiple tornado and flash flood warnings for my area. When it rains hard the exit roads from my neighborhood flood and make it difficult to get out. But when the rain calms down, the water recedes and we can escape for a bit. I haven't yet been overly afraid for myself, but I am concerned for so many who are having to leave their homes because of flooding. Our latest report is there is potential for our house to be impacted from flooding from a nearby reservoir within the next few days. That has created cause for worry.

Hurricane Harvey has been categorized as one of the most catastrophic events in Houston's history. They've estimated it will cost around $40 billion to recoup the losses. He's kind of a big deal.

As I watch the rain pour from the sky and listen to the wind blow I keep thinking about when Jesus spoke to the tempest in the middle of the sea and said, "Peace be still." Experiencing the severity of Harvey gives me a glimpse of how miraculous that moment was for the disciples. Even though the men were terrified, the storm wasn't a big deal for Jesus. He was sleeping through it until they woke Him up. They were frantic, but He simply walked to the edge of the boat, spoke to the raging wind, and it obeyed Him. As Creator, He isn't subject to His creation; His creation is subject to Him (Kade Wilson, paraphrased). He commanded it to stop and it stopped.

I can't control everything, especially the weather. And, as it was for His disciples, sometimes my lack of being in control scares me so much I can't even find my faith to believe in the power of Jesus. My fear actually makes me momentarily forget who Jesus is. But, as was true with His disciples, my weakness of faith in Him doesn't stop Him from being in control or taking control. He is always in charge of what He created--even me.

I believe what He desires most from me is not blind faith as much as acceptance that His sovereignty is enough. Even though it's more about trust in His sovereignty than it is about faith for a particular problem, I do call on Him when I'm in trouble, and He answers and helps me. And sometimes my voice quivers and shakes when I say His name. But He still answers and helps even when I'm shaking in my boots.

Maybe you're weathering a storm like Harvey. Whether it's a natural one or a spiritual one, don't forget God is in control of everything He created. Learn to trust that His sovereignty is enough. But then say His name, too. Even if you're scared, He'll answer.


#Peace #Trust #Hope

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