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  • Kerri S. Wilson

Things I Tell Myself

Contentment in Him is key, so seek it there. It's how I learn to be content in whatever state I'm in.

Distractions come from all directions. Don't be distracted from any side. Don't look to the right or to the left. Be fixated on Him.

Do the right thing. Do what you know to do. Then be still and know He is God. Wait, trust, and watch Him work.

Don't let that which is not peaceful rob me of peace. Pray for His peace that surpasses my understanding. Then live there!

Don't be destroyed by the season. Dig deeper roots. Let the season strengthen me.

Don't listen to negative voices nor voices of accolade. Learn to recognize His still small voice in the midst of the noise. Then keep listening!

Not everything written or said is true. But God is truth. So seek truth. Seek Him. When I seek Him I will find Him.

Let Him be my sounding board for everything that confuses. He is not the author of confusion.

Focus most on Him changing me instead of Him changing others. Be the first to change.

Let God be in charge of my fruit production. Don't seek to grow fruit out of season for the sake of proving myself to others. Let Him prove me in His time. Let Him complete the work He has begun in me.

Don't worry, be happy, even when it's easier to worry. Don't try to conjure up my own joy. The joy of the Lord is my strength. Be strengthened by the joy I receive from His work in my life. Ignore the enticement of fake joy offered by tangible and limited resources.

The struggle is worth seeing Jesus. The struggle clarifies where Jesus is. Fight to look beyond the chaos. Then stare at Him.

God is good all of the time, even when nothing else seems good. And His plans for me are good all of the time, even when others say there is no plan. He said He has a plan for me and that it is good. Trust His words above all else.

Let Him be the only one in charge of which doors open and which doors close in my life. When I submit to that, what can man do to me?

My popularity, nor lack of it, has no say in God's fulfillment of His purpose for me.

Be bold with my testimony. It matters. Hearing it may be someone's saving grace.

Refuse vengeance. Let God handle whoever may war against me. Forgive then be confident in His sovereignty.

Remember to encourage myself in the Lord.

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