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Jae's Thoughts

Below is a piece written by my 17 year-old daughter, Jaelyn Elle (pictured above). She has given me permission to share it with you.

Blessings in Disguise

by Jaelyn Elle Wilson

I begged for love and happiness,

But I wouldn't allow forgiveness.

I asked for all the answers,

But I didn't seek the truth.

I searched for a purpose,

But I didn't have commitment.

I believed that I could be,

But I didn't grow myself.

I wanted a place of peace,

But I never threw out fear.

I wished for something greater,

But I did not bother trying.

I cried for things to leave,

But I never loosened my grip.

I explained explanations,

But all I had was excuses.

I begged, asked, searched, believed,

Wanted, wished, cried, and explained

But in all of that God had a different way...

I feel love and happiness

Because I gave forgiveness.

I found the answers

Because I looked for the truth.

I found my purpose

Because I made commitment.

I now have become

Because I grew myself.

I have a place of peace

Because I kicked out fear.

I own something greater

Because I put forth effort.

I saw things leaving

Because I learned to let go.

I stopped my explanations

Because I gave no more excuses.

God helped me...

Give forgiveness, look for truth, start commitment,

Grow myself, kick out fear, put forth effort,

Let go, and stop giving excuses.

When you switch your focus

That's when you find your blessings in disguises.

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