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  • Kerri S. Wilson


About a year ago my husband took a trip to Haiti. When he returned he told me he had met someone while he was there.

She lives in an orphanage. The day he met her she was malnourished because the orphanage did not have enough food to adequately feed the children who live there.

After they met, she clung to my husband and kept whispering words he could not understand. He asked the missionary what the little girl was saying to him, and the missionary told him she was saying, "Please take me with you."

Eugene managed to maintain his composure long enough to walk outside of the entrance gate. Once he was where the rest of the group and the children couldn't see him, he cried.

I recently took my first trip to Haiti, and I met this little girl. While we were visiting with her we discovered her name is Jessica.

Look at her picture below standing beside my husband. This was when my husband first met her. Notice how she isn't smiling and how small she looks.

Now look at her picture taken with me above. That photo was taken when I met her, which was a year after the photo of her taken with my husband.

Can you see a difference? Do you see her radiant smile? Can you see the sparkle in her eyes? Can you see how much healthier she looks?

Thanks to missionaries Ron and Terry Brian and Ke Nan Ke and other groups like them she now has food to eat. The item she is holding up to her mouth in the photo above is a pocket of milk. It is one of the milk pockets from the supply our group had just finished handing out to the children at the orphanage where Jessica lives.

It doesn't take much to make a big difference in Jessica's world. You can feed her for just $1.00 a day. But those giving to this cause are providing much more than that. She also attends school. It costs only $150.00 to send Jessica to school for a year.

Jessica and other children like her have been given hope because missionaries like Ron and Terry Brian and organizations like Ke Nan Ke care enough to bridge the gap between people in need and caring people like you and me.

Have you ever wondered what it means to change the world? Well, now you know. It takes only a small amount. And with a quick click of a button you can help give life.

Please go to and choose any cause. Whatever you give will help make the difference for children like Jessica.

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