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  • Kerri S. Wilson

That's Right Good!

I saw a Facebook post that asked me what good I would pass along. It made me stop and consider my choices for today.

First, I thought about the question and tried to decide what good I should make the effort to give. Since there are so many good things I can do, I wondered what good thing I should do first. I wanted to be intentional about doing good things instead of waiting for good to just happen.

Then I wondered what criteria I should use to determine what is good. What I see as me giving good may not be received as good. That happens a lot for me.

So I reconsidered the question. Then I changed the question and asked myself, "What right action can I pass along today?"

Right is different than good because right is good whether it's deemed by others as good or not. Doing right answers to integrity, while doing good answers to the approval of others. Good actions usually bring accolades, but, very often, doing the right thing is met with negativity. Sometimes, doing the right thing leaves you standing alone, isolated and ostracized. While one tends to not be called to answer to the good things they've done, many times doing the right thing requires an explanation of actions.

I think, of course, I should try to do good things, even if someone doesn't receive it the good way I intend. But the reality is, the good things I do are not always the right things. But doing the right thing is always a good thing even when others don't think so. So it isn't just about me doing good things. It's about me doing right things. And the right thing is usually obvious in the moment.

So, what good thing did I pass along today? I decided to do the right thing—to let God lead me to see the right thing to do in whatever moment I am in.

Now, that's right good!

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