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Ke nan Ke: Heart to Heart

If you have taken time to browse my blog sight you'll have noticed a new tab has been added that I've labeled KeNanKe. Clicking on the KeNanKe tab connects you to, Ke Nan Ke's website.

What is Ke Nan Ke? The word Ke nan Ke means "heart to heart." Ke Nan Ke is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bridge the gap between caring people and people in need. This organization works towards supplying the needs of food, shelter, clothing, and education as well as the needs for love, touch, and hope for the people of Haiti.

Maybe you're wondering why I've decided to dedicate today's blog for this cause. I recently found myself browsing my website and clicked on my About tab. This is what I said about myself:

A better world begins with me. This is my motto. I must be willing to be the first to change. I look around me and see hurting people, and I want to offer hope and healing. Maybe, if I open myself to it, what God does in me will flow out and make a difference... I hope to be an agent for change.

I really do want to make a difference! But there are so many hurting people, and I am only one person. And though I've found healing, I still struggle with my own hurts. Sometimes the task overwhelms me, and I feel inadequate for fulfilling my purpose for change.

I have my first trip to Haiti tentatively planned for February or March of 2017, but, for reasons outside of my control, I'm not sure my trip will happen when I've scheduled it. It will eventually happen, however, and I hope it happens sooner rather than later.

Terry Brian, the President of Ke Nan Ke, says this about Haiti: "You can't un-see Haiti." I feel a personal need to NOT be able to "un-see" Haiti, and I believe my need is directly related to my desire to be an agent for change. Though Haiti is just one door standing in front of me that leads to the fulfillment of my change purpose, I believe it is an important door. I'm not sure what this door will present to me once it's opened, but whatever it is, God will open the door in His time.

In the meantime there are little things I can do from where I currently sit. I am making one small effort as I write to you by introducing you to Ke Nan Ke and the people of Haiti. It is my hope and prayer that you feel pulled to click on my KeNanKe tab to find out more. Once you've seen who they are I also hope and pray you feel pulled to donate to Ke Nan Ke's mission.

Ke nan Ke: heart to heart—an opened heart can offer hope and healing to another's broken heart.

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