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  • Kerri S. Wilson

The Struggle With Struggle

I wrote these thoughts this past Sunday morning as the Lord prompted them into my spirit. I had prepared another thought to post for this blog, but as I wrote these words I felt they were what I should share with you instead.

After I finished writing, I left to attend the Sunday morning service where I attend church and had a feeling that during the service God would confirm what He had given me. So I waited with anticipation to hear what He had to say.

God did confirm. Pastor Rob McKee spoke on what he titled "The Winter Season," and God used his message to minister deeply to me (I encourage you to go to to hear the message for yourself). I hope these words bless you today.

It is difficult to stay thankful through dark days. I've had some days where the challenge to find the good went beyond my ability without God's help. Some struggles are easier than others, but there are struggles that are all consuming and overwhelming. They tower over you as if they're going to crush you, and no matter how much you speak to it, speak against it, or say positive things in spite of it the struggle looms. I empathize with the struggle with struggle because I've struggled with struggle.

I have second guessed myself many times when finding myself struggling with struggle. I’ve questioned the strength of my faith and hope and have wondered if I’d failed to maintain my relationship with God. But rather than drive me away from God, my struggle with struggle experiences have actually drawn me closer to Him. Though these seasons proved to be very lonely times for me, the loneliness strengthened my relationship with God because they made me rely on Him. Struggling with struggle has taught me of His faithfulness and has given God the opportunity to change me. And after the struggle my faith and hope were strengthened instead of weakened.

Even though it is difficult to stay thankful during dark days I believe I must stay thankful. The times when I struggle the most with struggle are when I must fight the hardest to protect my thankfulness. It’s a difficult challenge, but God helps me stay thankful.

I've shared these thoughts today because someone reading may be struggling with struggle. I want to build you up in faith and let you know you are not alone. You are not spiritually inadequate, and though your faith feels weak, if you’ll trust God in spite of your difficulty, your faith will be strengthened. Maybe it’s hard to find the good, but God will use this for your good. If you lean on Him you will make it.

God is as close as the mention of His name, and He is listening even when He seems silent. Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you. Trust Him to help you survive. Choose life instead of death. With His help you will win the struggle with struggle.

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