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  • Kerri S. Wilson

My Most Necessary Moments

I love spending time with the Lord; time with Him consists of the most important moments I experience. Yet it seems life keeps trying to crowd out my time with Him. The busier I get the more frustrated I get because I appreciate the value of the time life tries to rob from me. I understand I am to pray without ceasing. And I do. I call out to Jesus and speak with Him often throughout each day. I also understand the importance of gathering with others to pray together. I do this often and find much strength from the unity that comes through doing this. However, life is noticeably more challenging for me when I lack focused personal time with the Lord. Maybe admitting that makes me seem like a weak Christian. I am weak without Him, and I am certainly needy when it comes to my reliance and dependence on His attention towards me. I'm not at all ashamed to confess how much I need Him. During these times He and I engage in intimate conversation. It's when my relationship with Him is strengthened, stabilized, and established. It's when there are less distractions to try to shift my attention away, so it's when God changes me the most. My moments with Him are precious, and they're the most necessary part of my life.

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