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  • Kerri S. Wilson

Jae's Thoughts

With her permission I've decided to share my daughter's thoughts with you today. Enjoy!

Dancing In the Rain

Jaelyn Elle Wilson

She danced in the lily flowers and sang words with smiles. She ran down the soft hill with energy. She twirled and twirled until everything twirled with her. She danced alone but wasn’t lonely. Her best friend was the peace, and she found joy in all the beauty.

Meanwhile a storm was quietly becoming bigger. The bright blue sky she adored soon became a smoky gray. The sun she laughed with disappeared. The soft hill became sticky and wet. The flowers she played with became tired and weary. Everything that made her happy and she depended on was gone or broken.

She sat there under a tree that still stood tall and cried with the rain. She was cold. She was lonely without her friends. She was confused about why the sun had left her. She didn’t know why the blue decided to turn gray. She was sad that her friends were too tired to play.

As she sat there with her face in her hands a drop of rain hit her shoulder and caused her to look up. She hadn’t notice before, but when she looked up she saw the tree had stretched its arms out, and its green hands had overlapped to protect her from the rain. She didn’t know why she and the tree weren’t friends. Perhaps she had been too busy with the flowers.

Very quickly she and the tree became very close friends. She grabbed its arms and swung from them and climbed up its trunk. She wasn’t afraid of going too high or of falling because she knew its strong arms would catch her. She soon didn’t notice everything she had lost. She depended fully on the tree. And even though the storm was still there, she learned to dance in the rain.

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