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  • Kerri S. Wilson

Everything Changes

Jesus. He changed everything. He keeps on changing everything. He changed me when I met Him. And He changes me every time I meet with Him. I choose how I'm changed because the change in me depends on my desire to change. I can let my ego be in charge and say, "I need no change; this is me." Yet, still, I will change. But, instead of the change He knows I need, I will be changed by my bitter disappointment. If I admit I need His change and let Him change me, He will heal me, He will deliver me, He will restore me, He will set me free, He will make me whole, He will complete me, He will renew me, He will redeem me, He will cleanse me, He will make me righteous—He will change me. When He changes me, He changes my identity. He changes who I am. I'm no longer the same, but I'm different. Each change makes me more like Him and less like me. Do you see what I mean by change? It's His change instead of my change. Jesus. He's still changing everything. I think He wants to change me again. It's time to choose which change.

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