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  • Kerri S. Wilson

Touching Him Touching You

She reached out and touched Him. It had been a struggle to get close enough to Him, but she pressed her way through the crowd anyway. She knew all she had to do was touch Him and things would be different. She had suffered from her issue for twelve years by this time, but no one from whom she had sought help could help her. She had heard of Him and evidently thought He was worth a try. So she found Him, she reached out to Him, and she touched Him. He touched her back. When she touched Him He felt virtue flow from Himself, and He asked, "Who touched me?" He hadn't planned on doing it, but He touched her because she touched Him. And when He touched her back, her issue left and her life changed. (See Matthew 9:18-22, Mark 5:21-34, and Luke 7:40-48.) When we touch Jesus He automatically touches back. And change is the only thing that can happen when He touches back. Try it. I think you'll find out what I'm talking about when you do.

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