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  • Kerri S. Wilson

The View From His Feet

They dragged her over and threw her down in front of Him. They had caught her in the very act of sinning, so, to them, she was worth nothing more than being stoned to death.

He looked down at her; He looked up and around at them; then He bent down and wrote something in the sand. When he finished writing He told them, "The one among you who has no sin can throw the first stone." All were silent. Then they backed up, walked away one by one, and left her accused at the feet of Jesus.

He bent down and asked her, "Where are your accusers?" "I have none," she answered. Then He told her, "I don't accuse you either; go and stop sinning."

According to Jesus, they were all sinners. But she was the only one who walked away with her life changed. Maybe that's because she's the only one who didn't act as if she had no sin.

She met Him in the most uncomfortable way possible. Being exposed in such a humiliating way must have been an incredibly horrible experience. But Jesus was kind, gentle, loving, gracious, merciful, and generous towards her. Yes, He told her to stop sinning, but He never shamed her.

I have found myself accused in front of Him, too. No, my issues weren't the same as hers, but my experiences have had the same shameful potential. But as He was with her, He's been kind, gentle, loving, gracious, merciful, and generous towards me. And as it was with her encounter with Him, my encounters with Him have changed my life.

That's the view from the feet of Jesus.

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