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  • Kerri S. Wilson

Marvelous Hope

Does the pressure ever get so strong you feel you might burst if it doesn't let up? Have you ever noticed how pressure can overwhelm you to the point you feel hopeless? It's incredible how in one moment there can be so much to be hopeful for, but then in what seems like the very next moment all hope leaves. It's like it simply vanishes away. It's pretty easy for me to be hopeful when I feel no pressure. But when pressure is full blown I have, at times, found myself lacking even the desire for hope. Being hopeful is too difficult when the struggle hurts so much. Though hope is good and right, it's really not about finding hope, in and of itself. It's about what hope is placed in. For me having hope in Jesus makes finding hope a worthy endeavor, even when I have to fight hard to find it. And I think to be able to catch just a glimpse of hope in Him when the pressure feels strongest makes having hope in Him even more marvelous.

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