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  • Kerri S. Wilson

Hey, Old Man!

Eugene, You are reading my thoughts only just now, two days after your big life event, and we've already sang and celebrated, but in this moment when I am writing, I am sitting alone the day before your birthday thinking, "He'll turn fifty tomorrow." Wow, you're half a century old. I'm not harassing you for officially being "old," but, I admit to wondering if you're old enough to get discounted coffee at Starbucks yet (I'm not sure they even offer senior citizen discounts). I know you don't drink coffee, but if you do get a special discount, I'm wondering if you'll make more coffee runs for me during the week while I'm teaching. You probably won't, now, since I called you an old man. But, anyway, the focus of this blog is not about poking fun at you for getting old. Fifty seemed so far away when we were full of youth and young love. I remember your thick dark hair and sparkling blue eyes and your smile that knocked my socks off. Now, we've made it here, and you're the big 5-0. Even so, you're still as dashing as ever! Yes, your hair has been lightened with gray, and you cut it thinner than you did back then—I like it. But your eyes still sparkle, and your smile still takes my breath away. You're still the man of my dreams, but for different reasons, now. I know you differently than I did then. And growing old with you has deepened my love for you. We've really come a long way, babe, haven't we? The miracle of us is incredible. I love watching you thrive in your giftings and purpose. I know you see so much more to do, but I have to say, you made it—you're living out the things God put in your heart—the dreams you used to tell me about. It's a wonderful view from where I'm standing. I think you might actually be more alive now than you were then. I'm thankful for this moment for you, and I'm thankful to be here with you. I'm going to quote you, now. "There is joy in the journey." I don't know if you coined that phrase or if you were inspired by someone else—you say it so often it feels like you're the author of it. I have found it to be true since the first time I heard you say it. I've found it to be especially true on my journey with you. There has been much joy in our journey together. Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for investing your life into me. Thank you! I love you, Eugene, with my whole wide life! Happy Birthday, old man! K😘

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