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  • Kerri S. Wilson


I was tired. I even said I was weary at one point in the evening. And though it was good, productive and meaningful, it had been a long day. My week had already been full, but I kept my dinner commitment I had scheduled for the evening. I picked up one friend, and then we made our way to have dinner at our mutual friend's home. I walked through the door of our hosts' house and immediately felt the comfort that friendship brings. I sat down, laid back a little then engaged in easy conversation while waiting for dinner to be served. There was no rush, and I embraced the moment with gratitude. We chatted; we listened; we ate. Then we chatted some more, and I dozed for a slight moment while sitting at the table listening to the soothing voices of those around me. When dinner was over we moved to the living room for more conversation. No one had to work to think of something to say. We had moments of uproarious and ridiculous laughter and moments of serious contemplation. It was easy being there. Our evening came to a close, and I made my way home. When I finally walked through the door of my house and stopped for the day, I felt exhausted but replenished and blessed. I had been exactly where I needed to be. I had been with friends.

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