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  • Kerri S. Wilson

My Ultimate Hero

I can’t recall what triggered my memory, but the other day I found myself remembering my first experience with car trouble. I was about twenty years old, and it happened while I was out of town an hour and a half away from where I lived. The guys in my church youth group had formed a basketball team and were participating in a tournament, so some of the other youth and I decided to attend to give moral support. Because of my work and college classes I had to leave later than everyone else, so I drove separately.

After the tournament was over I left the gym and headed to my car to leave and return home. But as I walked to my car I noticed green fluid flowing on the ground from an area beneath my driver’s side door. It was obviously fresh and coming from my car. My parents had come to support our team as well, and they were still inside the gym getting ready to leave. So I went back inside and asked my dad to take a look at my car for me. He immediately knew what was wrong when he saw the green fluid, and after checking under the hood he confirmed that my water pump had busted. We called for someone to tow my car to a car service place, but because it was Saturday, I had to leave it until they could work on it the next week.

I considered my situation and started to panic. I had a big problem that I couldn’t figure out how to fix. I had a job, but it was only part time with low wages. I knew I didn’t have enough money to pay for my car to be repaired, so I started crying and couldn’t stop. My dad asked me why I was crying, and I told him it was because I couldn’t pay for a new water pump, and I didn’t know what I was going to do to get the money. He then asked, “Do you think I am not going to help you? Do you think I would leave you stranded without your car?” Then he said, “You are my daughter. Of course I will help you.” I immediately calmed down but told him I didn’t want to ask him for help because it was my car and my responsibility. He simply hugged me and told me everything would be all right and that my car would be taken care of.

I’ve noticed that I tend to exhibit this same kind of behavior with God. I sometimes find myself faced with problems too big for me to fix and get so overwhelmed that I can’t see beyond them, so I panic. Then God speaks to me, just like my dad did, and He asks me, “Why are you crying? Do you think I’m not going to help you? Do you think I would ever leave you stranded and on your own?” Then He says, just like my dad did, “You are my daughter. Of course I will help you. Everything will be all right and I will take care of you.”

Even though car trouble is a common part of life, I needed a hero that day when my car broke down. And my dad stepped in like he has done numerous times and became my hero. And even though troubles are a common part of this journey with the Lord, there are days when I really need a hero. And like He is known to do, He always steps in and becomes my ultimate hero.

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