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  • Kerri S. Wilson

A Love Note

I caught myself doing it again—telling God all about my troubles. Then after a complaint or two, I apologized to Him for whining so much. But then I asked Him, “If I can’t talk to you, who do I talk to?” Finally, I stopped fussing and asked Him to help me.

I spent my morning praising and worshipping Him with my church family. I went with the same expectation I always have; I hoped to receive encouragement from His word. My husband taught an on point and uplifting lesson, and though I tried, as I always do, to apply what I heard, I left still feeling frustrated. I was disappointed with myself.

I ate lunch with my husband and friends, went home, and took a nap, and when I woke my frustration still lingered. But I kept my mouth shut. I determined I would not complain. I decided, instead, to focus on being content with trusting Him regardless of how I felt. I spent my evening at the worship and praise meeting that was scheduled, and I went prepared to give the best I had to offer to the service ministry in which I had been given the opportunity to serve.

My husband taught again, and again, his message was timely, meaningful, and helpful. But, after he finished, I felt a lump rise up in the back of my throat while I engaged in fellowship with my brothers and sisters in the Lord. To make sure no one noticed I decided to go to the restroom to pull myself together. I felt a tap on my shoulder as I started to walk away and turned around and found my friend holding a folded piece of paper out to me. As I took the note she explained that she had felt led to write the note and give it me.

I thanked her, opened the paper, and read the words my friend had written. The note said, “Don't give up on your dreams. God knows your heart. He will give you the desires of your heart.” Tears welled up in my eyes as the significance of the words sunk into my spirit. The frustration that had been building up in me all day melted away. Then I realized something—God sent me a love note.

I understand God hears us when we talk to Him. He is God, so He hears, sees, and knows everything—He misses nothing. But sometimes I doubt that He cares to listen to some of the petty stuff I tell Him. Though I understand He is patient and kind, I sometimes think, with me, He must sigh, roll His eyes, and impatiently tolerate me. And though I understand He never becomes weary, I sometimes think, with me, He might actually get tired of hearing my complaints. But those thoughts are merely momentary because my experience with Him tells me something different. Whenever I tell Him about even my little troubles, He always talks back. This time He answered me through a love note.

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