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  • Kerri S. Wilson

Miss Snow

Over the past several months I've had the privilege of observing this mother duck and her "babies" (pictured) while on my walking route. I've enjoyed watching her kids grow up, as those of you I'm connected to have noticed from my critter encounters I've shared on Facebook. Many of you have expressed your appreciation for me sharing my experiences, and I've even been called "Snow White" and "Snow" (short for Snow White) because of them. (I consider my new nick names a compliment, by the way.)

But I know what a few of you are probably thinking because a couple of you have said as much. I need to get a life. Well, I have a life; I've had a life; and I'm getting ready to have more of a life.

After spending two years away, I'll be back in the classroom teaching in just a few days. And I'll be appreciating the growth journey of another kind—middle school students. Now those of you who have been concerned about me can appreciate my "normality" and practicality.

Though I may make it seem so, I don't live in "La La Land." Reality has been proven through my experiences to be an intricate part of my life. And I've noticed, if I'm not careful, I'll let the starkness of some of my reality consume me. But to keep that from happening I have learned, with God's help, to stop, smell, and actually appreciate the roses as I take in the joys of His creation. And I have enjoyed a better life because I did so.

I can't allow a reality check to ruin the joy that comes from living. When I finally greet my class I'll introduce myself as Miss Kerri. But I'll add this side note: if calling me Miss Kerri ever feels boring, they can call me Miss Snow. It'll help me remember to stop being mundane.

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