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Story Swap

The following was experienced and written about by a friend of mine. In light of all of the negativity we are being bombarded with, it was nice to read about a bit of good news. I asked my friend if I could make his story available to you through my blog, and he gave me his permission. Enjoy!


$1.71 Worth of Change

By Jonathan Chambers

A few years ago on a bright and sunny day an old beautiful black woman, who was in her 80's, drove herself to UPS to drop off a package. I noticed her when I heard the sound of her car door opening. She was struggling to get out of her car, and, after her third attempt, I went over to help her. I reached out, gently grabbed her arm and helped her out of her vehicle. She looked up at me with bright blue grateful eyes and seemed surprised that I had helped her. She said with a raspy but gentle voice, “You know, there just isn’t people like you in the world anymore. I hardly ever get someone to stop and help me.” As I walked with her and carried her package I replied, “You know the Bible said that the love of people would grow cold.” She replied, “You know it really is that way; it's such a sad thing.”

The woman was so happy and felt so loved by what I did that she reached into her pocket and said, “I don’t have much, but it's all I got.” And then she pulled $1.71 worth of change out of her pocket and offered it to me. It appeared to be all the money she had. I shook my head and said, “No, no, no,” as I insisted on not taking her money. But the woman shook her head with squinted eyes and intense desire to give it to me—she refused not to.

After I dropped off the package and started to walk away, I stopped, turned around and said, “Hey! Guess what?” She turned and looked up and said, “What?” I replied, “I love you!” She smiled big and said, “I love you, too.” As we both went our separate ways I knew our exchange had made her day as much as it had made mine.

I went around the corner then took the $1.71 from my pocket and started crying and thanking God for what had happened. She didn’t know it, but her $1.71 worth of change changed my life. It appeared as if she had very few people in her life, and it seemed she rarely had an opportunity to express her love to others or have others express their love to her. Maybe it is insignificant to you, but that $1.71 was all she had, and she insisted on giving it to me. It was her way of expressing her love and gratitude towards me. I will keep that $1.71 my whole life.

People are all around you everyday—black people, white people, brown people, and every other color of people—who are lonely, hurting, and in need of love. What better thing to give them than the love of God that is inside of you. Don’t conform yourself to the cold and harsh culture we live in. Don’t let the love in your heart grow cold in the midst of darkness. Awaken it, stir it up and intensify it by finding a way to demonstrate it. There are infinite opportunities and boundless ways every day for you to give the priceless gift of love.

How much is a $1.71 worth to you? To me, it's priceless. Help me continue to stir up the world in love.

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