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  • Kerri S. Wilson

A Worthy Investment

Since moving into this house where I am currently living I’ve planted a few new flowers. I spend each morning nourishing the foliage I’ve added as well as what was already here when I moved in. After watering all of my plants, I enjoy sitting on my patio and drinking my coffee while taking in the beauty produced from my labor.

But I’ve become distracted by an area to the side of my yard that I’ve neglected. The spot was barren when I moved in, and since it’s to the side and not in a prominent spot I’ve not invested my time or money to make it attractive. Now weeds have grown up, and even if I sit with my back to them, they bother me because I know they’re there.

I hate weeding! Weeding requires bending down and pulling up, and the energy I exert is physically uncomfortable. And if I want to ensure the weeds won’t come back I have to pull from the root, so I have to dig deep. Planting requires the same amount of effort and physical discomfort, but weeding is discouraging. It seems a waste of time to exert so much of myself towards something so worthless. But, of course, if I don't pull the weeds they will keep growing and distracting, and then they will eventually overpower the beauty of the flowers and foliage I've worked so hard to establish and maintain. Still, I’d rather plant than weed.

I hate attending to the weeds in my life as well. Doing so requires effort and involves discomfort. Digging deep can be painful. And dealing with the areas of my life that seem so worthless can be very discouraging. I’d much rather plant than weed. Nevertheless, if I ignore the weeds, they'll keep growing and distracting, and they will eventually overpower the beauty of any good that has been planted and established in me.

I can’t afford to ignore the weeds. Though I hate it, and though it is painful, I have to dig down deep and pull from the root. And though my effort seems wasted on what is worthless, it’s not a waste and it’s not worthless. Weeding is as worthy an investment as planting because after the weeds are removed a new place is prepared and made available for the growth of new and beautiful things.

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