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  • Kerri S. Wilson

Peace Speaker

Maybe you've wondered about this peace I talk so much about. Maybe you've struggled with understanding how I can have any peace in the midst of all my troubles. Let me explain.

This peace comes from my friend, Jesus. The only reason and the only way I have it is through my relationship with Him. And I have it in spite of my troubles. I have learned of His faithfulness through experience-—He has proven Himself to be faithful. He has taught me that as long as I keep my focus on loving and living for Him nothing that happens to me can separate me from His presence. As a matter of fact, I have found the more trouble I experience, the more peace I feel. This is true simply because I've learned to turn to Him when my struggles make me weak. That's when He's carried me through with His strength.

I hope this peace I live in makes you curious because your curiosity gives me the opportunity to introduce you to my best friend. This is Jesus. I sometimes call Him my Peace Speaker. He has changed my life.

I recommend that you give Jesus the chance to change your life. If you let Him, He'll give you peace like you've never known before, and it'll blow your mind!

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