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  • Kerri S. Wilson

The Power of Love

I previously used the picture I've posted above with my blog from a few days ago titled "Love Attraction." But the picture spoke deeply to me, so I felt to use it again for this blog. It speaks to the power of love in such an extraordinary way.

Love has power, and I would say the love of God is the most powerful thing that exists.

The other day someone told me they loved me, but they told me this after they had already told me why they loved me. They said my friendship filled a hurting void. They said I gave them life when no one else could or would. They said they saw Jesus in me. Then they said they loved me.

A tear left my eye as I contemplated what they said. I felt the life I was told I had given coming back to me through my friend's simple yet profound words.

That's the power of love! That's the power of God's love! It is amazing!

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