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I've taken a break from blogging this week because I have been at a conference. But my daughter wrote the following poem yesterday and gave me permission to share, so I'm sharing. Enjoy!


By Jaelyn Elle Wilson

Love after heart break

Love after tears

Love after mislead

Love after fear

Love after sadness

Love after hate

Love after reasons

Love every day

Love the ones who can't

Love the ones who don't

Love the ones who cheer

Love the ones who gloat

Love the poor

Love the significant

Love the great

Love the ignorant

Love the sinner

Love the mad

Love the good

Love the glad

Love is smart

Love is gracious

Love is happy

Love is contagious

Take the people you see every day

Count all the things they've had to take

Be the greater person

Love each well

And I promise you something

God will be so swell

(The accompanying picture above was painted by Jaelyn Elle Wilson)

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