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  • Kerri S. Wilson

The Angry Hearts Club

I try to share my message in the most positive way possible, but today's blog is a bit different than usual. Still, I hope it influences towards positive change. I wrote the following poem on November 21, 2015, but it seems most fitting to so much of what is happening right now.

The Angry Hearts Club

Kerri S. Wilson

With outraged anger toward human cruelty

From our depths we scream

From far away our senses shocked

By pictures on our modern screens

Befuddled minds; incomprehension

Menace born from hatred's scheme

Long predicted yet unexpected

Pure evil’s nightmarish scene

We wonder why, how it can be

We must eradicate this stain

An explanation for the carnage

But none will recognize the shame

At it's worse, our human nature

Can indeed be quite insane

Not seen as bloody nor as vicious

Filled up on our own disdain

Tho’ none admit it's just as faulty

Our thoughts expose those we have slain

It’s from our hearts all issues flow

Verbal hatred kills much the same

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